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Disney English offers an innovative and effective way to teach English to your children at home, thanks to stories, songs and games with the company of the most famous Disney characters.

Disney English will help your child:

  1. Learn verbal expressions specially developed by an international team of experts in the study of English.
  2. Develop a good understanding of spoken English (phonemes, Intonation and pronunciation), thanks to the dynamic examples and to the several songs written expressly to improve pronunciation through repetition.
  3. Learn the alphabet, the names of letters, basic spelling and to recognize written words.
  4. Understand the importance of English as an effective tool for daily communication and they will be encouraged to continue learning this language, the true “passport” for the world.

The DVD includes four easy-to-navigate areas for a rich and varied learning journey:

PLAY : This section is the heart of the active method called “watch and learn” that comes with four unique modes of learning: Live Action, Stories with Disney, Active Revision and Music Videos.

SONGS : Songs help children memorize the vocabulary and language structures, making learning very natural.

GAMES : Each DVD contains interactive games using basic DVD remote control functions to learn English while having fun.

TOOLKIT : This section uses some very effective “tools” to the knowledge gained.

Disney English series includes 15 DVDs and books covering hundreds of age- appropriate topics, vocabulary, and grammatical items.



  1. Friends and family
  2. Play time
  3. Arts and crafts
  4. Let’s have fun
  5. My pets
  6. Have a snack!
  7. Move your body
  8. My things
  9. Animals
  10. When I Grow Up
  11. My hobbies
  12. Seasons
  13. Where Is it
  14. I was sick!
  15. Going places